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Thank you for your overwhelming interest, our registrations are currently closed, but stay tuned to our socials for the exciting opportunities that await in next year’s recruitment!



Organisational Structure

Team Leadership


Vice President

Financial & Legal Director

Team Directors

Digital Director

CP Director

Events Director

PR Director

People Director

D4GC Director

Team Digital

Lead Marketing Campaigns (x3)

Lead IT & Analytics

Lead Content & Podcasts

Team Consulting Projects

Lead Clients

Lead Projects (x2-3)

Team Events

Lead Talks, Content & Podcasts

Lead Workshops

Lead Career

Lead Logistics (1x-2x)

Team Partner Relations
Team People

Lead Recruitment

Lead Activities

Team D4GC

Lead D4GC Challenge


Lead D4GC Operations

Lead D4GC Marketing

Why Join Emergent?

Students who ‘graduate’ Emergent do not just learn technical skills but they engage in proactively in discussions on running an organisation, it’s long term strategic goals and how to achieve them. Hence our Alumni become leaders with independence and accountability to make a bigger impact in their respective fields. 

Emergent has a strong network of Alumni who are well-versed in the fields of business, data science, and consulting. They are at the forefront of innovation, science and modern technology. They are Data Engineers, Consultants, PhD researchers, Managers (& more) in dynamic workplaces in leadership positions. Needless to say, Emergent is well-known amongst academic institutions, national and international employers.

Places where you'll find Emergent Alumni
Find out what our current members have to say about their experience at Emergent...
"My two years at Emergent were the most rewarding of my entire student life. I worked with a wonderful group of people to build the organisation into the homebase for the aspiring Data Scientist. The experience taught me skills I still use on a daily basis, and most of all, it helped me figure out what I like doing in my career and in life. If you can't wait to start building something, join Emergent!"
Former Emergent President
"There are a lot of reasons why you should join Emergent, but for me it was mostly to experience working in a bigger organisation while still in a tolerant environment. Emergent offers its members a playing ground with lots of opportunities to learn about data science, organizing events, networking with companies, leading an organization and so on. According to me the perfect first step before starting your actual career."
Partner Relations Director
"Without a doubt, joining Emergent was one of the smartest moves I made while in Belgium. Working with this organization has been a truly amazing experience, as I've had the opportunity to contribute to its growth and watch its reputation soar higher than I ever expected. Emergent is a place where you can develop essential skills that you wouldn't necessarily learn in a classroom. And, of course, the best part of being part of Emergent is the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded students and create unforgettable memories together. Trust me, Emergent is the place to be!"
D4GC Director

Application Procedure

Come Grab a Drink

Are you interested in Emergent?

Want to know more about us, interested in joining or just want a casual chat? Come grab a drink with us or contact us if you have any questions.


March, 2024
Recruitment Info Event

Recruitment Event + Reception

On the Recruitment Info Event we will first give a short presentation about Emergent, and about the recruitment process. After the presentation you can get to know the team behind Emergent while enjoying some drinks & snacks. You will also already have the opportunity to fill in your application.

Note: You can apply, even if you weren't able to make it to the recruitment event.

Application Info
Application Questions





What we ask from you:

  • Why would you like to join Emergent?
  • Which roles are you interested in?
  • Contact information
Conduct Interviews

The Interview Process

The interview consists of multiple parts. We will first introduces ourselves and get to know you better. Afterwards we will ask some function-specific questions based on the functions you were interested in. In the end you will give a top 3 of functions that you wish to get.

Some helpful tips & tricks:

  1. Learn and do research beforehand on the organization and your preferred positions.
  2. A bit of stress is helpful and shows that you are taking the process seriously.
  3. Don't hesitate to ask questions about expectations, workload, responsibilities etc.
  4. There are no incorrect answers when it comes to personality, so express yourself freely 🙂
  5. Punctuality - kindly be on time.

Board Announcement

Congratulations! You will receive a call from us with the function we picked for you. We will also give you some more information about the onboarding.

After Joining

Date T.B.A.
Welcome Party

Get to know the team

Kick off the new journey by meeting your fellow board members, as well as the current Emergenteers at the Welcome Party!

April, 2024

Knowledge transfer + Meetings

During the month of April, you will go through an onboarding process to get you settled in and learn how we work. We will teach you The Emergent Way through various trainings, to ensure that you can excel in your role. This might include you partially taking over some responsibilities of the current team already.

July, August & September
Prep Work for New School Year

Planning & Connecting

You will prepare the first semester's events, projects and campaigns, and lock down some key partnerships while continuing to learn by doing. Don't worry! It's possible to combine this with a summer internship, student job or exam resits.

September, 2024
Kicking Off


Having settled in to your role, your hard work is starting to pay off! In the second week of the semester, the Startevent introduces people to the Emergent Community for the first time! Later in the semester, the full force of Emergent comes together to organize our flagship event: The Data 4 Good Challenge.