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Web Scraping, Data Visualization

CLIENT: HealthTechBase

PARTNER: Agilytic


The Health Tech sector has been a rapidly growing sector. Which companies are doing well and which are not? Can performance be related to the field the companies specialize in? Or their region? Or maybe something completely different?


The consulting team worked on a dataset of health tech companies. Using webscraping, they scoured the websites of these companies to determine the relevant attributes for each company such as their field of operation, location, and financial results. Based on these attributes, the team built a database and a dashboard to answer the questions above. We must admit, the results look like the sector is really health(tech)-y!


Amitoj Kulwinder, Branco François, Nika Puntushashvili, Javier Angulo

Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis

CLIENT: Comproved

PARTNER: B12 Consulting


Teachers are our true heros, and we should accommodate them as much as possible. Peer assessments are more common in this day and age, and increase the workload for the teachers: reading all assessments, remembering the good and bad points, and determining an average score. Would it not be nice if this process could be automated?


Using ROBBERT, the consulting team used manually labelled data to read a set of pdf files and determine the overall sentiment of the pdf files. Exporting an overall summary with the main pros and cons and an average score, the tool has proven benefits in many situations. Based on the peer assessment of this project, it was a great success!


Ralitza Soutanova, Aditya Nawalgaria, Dieter Plessers, Dionys Nabarro, Mahmoud, Ibrahim

Statistical Modelling, Graphical User Interface

CLIENT: CSI Business Consulting

PARTNER: Möbius Business Redesign


We all know the NMBS and its delays. But what if an airplane has a delay? What are the future effects? Is there an overlay that cannot be made for the passengers or crew? And what about the other flights booked for the aircraft?


The consulting team on this project built a statistical model based on all parameters that can be influenced by a delay. The model gives an estimated total cost that occurs for the flight, depending on the delay time. Additionally, a GUI was developed indicating which flights are impacted when a delay occurs. Safe to say, CSI was sky high with our solution!


Anja Deric, Juan Alvarado, Norbert Pape, Marius Zöller, Simen Gaens, Juli Dema

Image Recognition, Computer Vision

CLIENT: QuantaCorp

PARTNER: Brainjar


QuantaCorp has a tool that can determine your bodily measures based on a picture. Amazing right?! One issue for long haired people though, is that your neck and hair cannot be distinguished easily. Pictures are often invalid, and this is only noticed after the photoshoot is over.


The consulting team developed an addition to the existing tool that indicates immediately when hair is obstructing the neck. Several approaches were used such as classification using Neural Networks, segmentation using the image directly, and a naive approach using a greyscale picture. After heavy testing, the naive approach seemed to have the best results overall. Luckily, there is no more hair in the butter!


Aleksandra Zdravković, Diego Rubas, Dionys Nabarro, Chidi Nweke, Lucas Bouvier

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