Microsoft Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop Series (Part 2)

Microsoft Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop Series (Part 2)

Microsoft Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop Series (Part 2)

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THIS IS PART 2 of a workshop series. Register only if you can attend BOTH sessions on Wed April 9th & Thurs April 20th (18:30-21:00). LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE (x15)***

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Registered participants will earn a certificate of completion verified by Emergent after completing both sessions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that enables devices to connect to the internet and communicate with each other without human intervention. This tech is becoming increasingly important in many different industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. For example, IoT sensors can be used in healthcare to monitor patients remotely and alert doctors to potential health issues before they become serious. In manufacturing, IoT can be used to track inventory and monitor the production line for efficiency and quality control.

Microsoft is at the forefront of implementing IoT technology through their Azure IoT platform. This platform allows customers to connect, monitor, and manage IoT devices at scale. By combining IoT with artificial intelligence and machine learning, organizations can gain valuable insights from the data generated by IoT devices, which can help them make better decisions and improve efficiency. According to LinkedIn, IoT was one of the top hard skills that companies were looking for in 2022 and is expected to continue to be in high demand. Developing IoT skills can open up exciting career paths and help drive innovation across many different industries.

Join Microsoft expert Tom Claes + Emergent for a 2-part workshop series that covers the introductory, theoretical, and practical hands-on implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology using the Microsoft Azure platform!


  • Basic experience with Python
  • Basic experience with C#
  • Basic knowledge of APIs and SDKs

Recommended but not required:

  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing (AWS, GCP, Azure (!)…)
  • Azure Python SDKs
  • Knowledge of Edge Computing, Experience using Raspberry PI, Arduino…

Workshop Content:

Day 1 (2.5h): Introduction to (Azure) Cloud/Edge computing/Digital Twins

  • High level introduction to the concept of IoT (Internet of Things) and Cloud computing
  • More in depth focus on the Azure Cloud
  • More in depth focus on the Azure IoT Services

Day 2 (2.5h): Hands-on IoT project

  • Students will create an IoT application which consist of following things:
  • Set up own environment in Azure
  • Simulate IoT device and connection to the cloud
  • Process incoming telemetry data
  • Real-time visualization
  • Set alerts and alarms
  • Integration with downstream Azure Services (Storage, Azure Functions, Event Hub, Digital Twins)
  • Any questions/can’t attend the event? Contact us directly at

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2023-04-20 @ 06:30 PM to
2023-04-20 @ 09:00 PM

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