Student Consulting Projects

Solving Data Science problems for companies.

Project Goal

Emergent brings together students and companies in a project that benefits both of them. During each semester of the academic year, students will be solving real-life business problems, analysing data from companies and helping them achieve solutions relevant for their problems.


Be the consultant

As a student, you will work in a team to achieve a solution for your business case. The team consists of students with various Data Science and business related skills, combining their skills to solve the business problem presented in their project. The ultimate goal is to provide the client company a working solution and giving them recommendations on how to create value with their data.

Expand your knowledge, hone your skills

During the project, the students will attend workshops, hosted by Emergent and our partners. The workshops will be fine-tuned to the specific project that the team is working on. Next to that,     you will gain insights from your teammates, and enhance your skillset. Throughout the project, you will build expertise in       Data Science and business consultancy. Through problem solving and creating data science models,  you will benefit from this learning opportunity.

Get experience and connect with others

Practice makes perfect. This challenge is a great opportunity to put theory into practice, giving you a glimp of the business world. The experience you obtain will help you later in life, and is a good way to make yourself stand out to future employers.


To give our projects an extra boost, the students participating in our projects are guided by the experts of our partners HighMind and Agilytic.

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Data Science Matters 

Too often, companies have data that they don’t use optimally. The Emergent Consulting Track would like to change that. Data Science is becoming more and more important for any company’s long-term strategy. 

The goal of Data Science is to acquire business-focused insights from data, helping companies to make better strategic decisions and adopt the best practices for business-related problems.

Example Data Science Applications

To show you the power of Data Science, here are some examples showing what can be achieved using techniques like Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis and Data Science in general. 


Fraud detection. Through analysis of transactions, computer algorithms are able to detect fraudulent transactions.


Optimizing the Path to Purchase. With Data Science, retailers are able to focus on certain paths to purchase, which helps them in deciding marketing budgets & to better understand the consumer.


Forecasting demand. Using data, logistics companies can predict the upcoming demand in certain geographical areas. This allows for shipping before-hand and reducing lead times drastically.


Disease prediction. Pattern recognition helps in detecting diseases like cancer much earlier. This way, patients can be treated more proactively and thus increases survival rates.


A Data-driven Solution

The result of this project is a data-driven solution in line with our client’s problem. The solution reveals hidden trends and patterns that can help the client identify new goals and opportunities. As an example, purchasing patterns can be found using advanced machine learning to give better product recommendations to consumers.
Data-driven decision making has a lot of advantages, such as being able to be more proactive, cutting costs and many more. It helps future-proofing a business and   allows to have continuous improvement. 

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