Data Science Track

EMERGENT promotes the understanding of complex problems through data. Complex problems may arise in virtually every discipline and addressing them requires deep analytical skills. The collection of large amounts of data in order to answer business questions is common practice, yet many graduates lack the skills required to analyze and interpret the collected data themselves.

That’s where Emergent comes in.

Our Data Science Workshop Track addresses this skill gap. By offering workshops on data analysis, data visualisation, data-based strategy and communication of results to students from all disciplines and of various skill levels, we will empower them to confidently address complex problems within their own discipline using data.

The first edition of the track was offered in March and April 2019 during 5 evening sessions. While the intense 2 hour workshops were focused on learning on the spot, some workshops required students to invest time into preparation up front in order to maximise their learning during the workshop time.

The Data Science Workshop Series offers participating students the opportunity to build their skills in data science, while simultaneously providing a platform for meeting like-minded individuals and for getting to know the partners, with which we collaborate for this event.

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Data Science Workshop Track, session I & II

For the second week in a row, Emergent Leuven welcomed over 25 students enthusiastic about embarking on their data science journey. By offering workshops on both a basic and advanced…