The student Data Science community in Leuven

Emergent Leuven VZW is the interfaculty Data Science student association.

There’s a shortage of professionals who master an advanced set of skills in Data Science, but an increasing demand of these skills. With Emergent Leuven, we solve this problem in 3 ways:

Develop transdisciplinary analytical skills (data science + communication + strategy) through participation in workshops and educational tracks, as well as organisational skills through organisation of activities.

Apply skills at challenges and consultancy tracks.

Transfer mastered skills by teaching a workshop, or coaching during challenges or consultancy tracks.

We do this in close collaboration with industry and academia to bring students, researchers and professionals closer together.


Learn and experience how to stay relevant in this world. Emerge.

What does Emergent offer?

Workshops for every step of the data science pipeline for technical and non-technical profiles, concrete opportunities to apply those skills and to transfer them to peers. Creating an inter-faculty network with people that share your same interests.
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How can I join?

If you’re interested in helping build Emergent, please drop us a mail at We welcome people from all backgrounds and year of study.

Upcoming events



We pick one hot topic, and invite leaders originating from different backgrounds. In the past we've hosted speakers about artificial intelligence, privacy...


Our workshops give you hands-on experience with technologies that are essential to handle the complex issues you will be faced with in the future. Examples are R, Excel, demand planning, data visualisation...

Data 4 Good Challenge

Our flagship event, the D4GC gives you the chance to apply your Data Analysis and Visualisation skills in a team setting and come up with a winning strategy around a social good issue.

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No long enrolment procedure, no motivation letters, no rounds to be passed. Showing-up is the most important part.

To apply for becoming a board member in 2019-2020, head over to Join where you will find further instructions.

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